Hi, I’m Kelvin. I’m an intersex trans man and my pronouns are he/him/his

This is a blog where I talk about sex, sexuality, and sex toys. I started it very recently, in August 2017. I also post toy reviews on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. 

I’m an intersex trans man undergoing biomedical transition. This means that toys don’t work the same for me as they do for dyadic(1) cis men or women- even if I can technically use toys intended for both. The way I relate to my anatomy and sex life is also very different, and I hadn’t seen my experience reflected anywhere in the sex bloggersphere. So I decided to make this blog.

I’m bisexual, and am primarily interested in dating other trans people.

About my Anatomy

I currently have not had bottom surgery, although I am very interested in phalloplasty(2) and likely will pursue it within the next few years. I currently take hormones, and have been doing so for a few years. I have a prostate, but it is underdeveloped.

My dysphoria varies from moderate to severe day to day. I don’t refer to myself as having a clitoris, and call it a cock/dick instead, and I refer to my vagina as either a front hole or (most often) a cunt.

Being on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for a few years has meant my cock has grown a lot bigger. I haven’t had the issues with lubrication that a lot of guys have reported. However, vaginal atrophy has been an issue for me.

Due to bottom dysphoria, my relationship with masturbation is complicated. One of the ways I enjoy masturbation without dysphoria is frottage, so many of my dildo reviews will feature this as an aspect. I also enjoy penetrating, so will review penetration sleeves that are my size, or can be adapted for my anatomy. I can enjoy vaginal penetration, but I also have long periods of time when the idea of any vaginal penetration repulses me.

(1) Dyadic means non-intersex

(2) Phalloplasty is a gender affirming surgery that uses a skin graft to form a neo-penis