Positive reviews are not guaranteed from sending me a product to review, and I will always been honest in my opinions. You cannot screen, comment on, or edit my review before it is posted, and if you are not satisfied with my review, I will not return or pay for the product.

I have the right to remove and edit reviews for products I later find to be ethically incompatible with my own morals, and I reserve the right to refuse to engage with companies I find to be ethically corrupt. Grounds for editing or removal include, but is not limited to: producing transphobic, homophobic, racist, or sexist marketing or products, treating employees badly, or mislabelling product materials.

I do accept products for review that I do not earn affiliate commission from, but I will not review products that are sold primarily or only on Amazon.

Types of Products I am open to reviewing: Vibrators, dildos, packers, anal toys, penetrable toys, harnesses, BDSM/fetish products, fucking machines, VR

Types of Products I am especially interested in reviewing: Packers, penetrable toys

Types of Products I am not open to reviewing: Lingerie, porn, erotica, books, condoms, lube, menstrual products, Kegel exercisers, binders